Budget & Taxes

2024 Budget: Goals & Objectives

The major goal of the 2024 budget is to position the Village for economic, environmental, and social success in a post pandemic environment, either independently or as part of Clearwater County.

This will be achieved through a number of medium and short-term actions based on the strategic discussions the administration has had with current and past Councils.

  • • Maintain effective levels of service for Village residents without increasing property tax revenue on existing development or municipal utility rates in 2024.
  • • Actively pursue the potential amalgamation of the Village with the County of Clearwater, as recommended in the Regional Governance Structuring Study.
  • Promote the goal of Caroline becoming a more financially robust hub within the County and develop economic development strategies, in partnership with the County.
  • Promote and support the Main Street Commercial area as a key aspect of community identity, tourism, and service.
  • Promote and develop authentic community events and attractions the support residents, visitors, and tourists.
  • Support local agencies in providing support services for seniors and vulnerable members of our community, though FCSS, United way, 211 and other programs.
Village of Caroline
Village of Caroline

2024 Capital Budget

The Five-Year Capital Plan includes the following projects to proceed in 2024:

  • 48th Avenue Reconstruction (preliminary work). $50,000
  • Replacement Blade for Pick Up Truck. $20,000
  • Pedestrian Crossing (East)  $40,000
  • Seniors' Housing Servicing Plan. $20,000
  • New Backhoe $60,000 ($60,000 in 2025)
  • Lagoon Liner Repair/Replacement $60,000 ($60,000 in 2025)


Key Messages

The key messages regarding the Operating and Capital Budget for 2024 are as follows:

  • There is no increase in total taxation on properties existing in 2023. Therefore residents can expect similar municipal taxes.
  • There is no increase in the rates for water and wastewater.
  • The budget includes a number of initiatives to increase partnerships and promote the Village as a tourist hub.
  • There are six capital items proposed for 2024. Additional items in the Capital plan can be considered if additional Federal and Provincial grants become available.
  • Major infrastructure upgrades are required in the Village. However, these can only be addressed if amalgamation occurs, or major Provincial or Federal funding becomes available.
Village of Caroline

2024 Budget and December 31, 2023 Year End Financial Audit

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